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Agree with Craig on the GOOF ( or is it Goop Off? ) OFF product. In North America, there  also a laundry product for removing rust from clothes and toilet bowls and such called WHINK. It is a dilute solution of hydrofluoric acid, comes in a dark brown plastic bottle and is usually found in the laundry isle in supermarkets. WEAR GLOVES!!!!

DO NOT get any of this stuff, or any hydrofluoric product on your fingernails. At first you will feel nothing, by the time in tingles, your fingernails will be well on the way to melting. I am not being silly, I have seen this happen twice and the pain is described as being almost intolerable. Heavy duty industrial strength gloves, not latex exam gloves. Whink says not to use it on stainless. My experience leads me to sayl that it works fine on bright/polished stainless but leaves an etching on textured stainless such as a wash basin and the like.


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Right, John, those tiny rust dots are a real pain.  I've always tackled them with Muriatic acid (aka hydrochloric, aka concrete cleaner, etc.) which works very well. Recently I came across a "Goof Off" brand rust remover that's 1% hydroflouric acid and 10% oxalyic acid. Just put it on (brush, pour, rag, whatever) and in about 5 minutes the rust is gone - no scrubbing.  Rinse and the acid neutralizes instantly. Also works great on any other areas with rust stain. Seemed to be more effective and faster than the hydrochloric.

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Welcome to the group, and a word about changing brushes on the furling drives; on my SM the brushes have a ferric componant as eell as carbon.  After working on them clean tje deck ...and all topside well lest you will be cleaning tiny rust marks for a month...ask me how I know this....


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Great, thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.


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