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Hello Eric,


You’re right and thanks for the list.


I will sail back to Cape Verde next year. Then West Afrika, Brazil, Argentinian and probably South Africa. So, I guess I need a little bit more than usually 😉




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Hi Olaf,

The spares you have on board  depend how much offshore sailing you will be doing.

I sail about 80 % offshore.

I have Raymarine instruments so they might be different than what you need.


I have the following:

autopilot course computer

rudder reference transducer

fluxgate compass

wind instrument and mast anemometer

depth instrument

spare GPS system

spare VHF system and hand pieces.

2 vhf antennas mast mounted, I use one for the AIS but I can use a splitter if one goes out

2 autopilots one on the rudder stock and one behind the wheel

3 multi instruments that read all the boats instruments a remote hand held autopilot controller that I can plug in if needed which also displays all the boats data a second autopilot control head mounted at the nav station.


That are the spares for mounted electronics that I recall.


With respect to boat spares. I have every motor and pump used on the boat except for the bow thruster Motor. I keep that spare as well as a complete bow thruster at home.


I have every part for both the genset and engine, all hoses, gaskets, and senders on board.

Fan belts, spare of all 3 alternators, starter motors etc etc.

Basically if it can be changed by me I have it.

I also have a large inventory of fasteners, switches, plumbing components, hoses, rudder nut and packing, Wire, stove spares, refrigeration spares, and too many more  things to mention.

Fair Winds




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Hello SM2K owners,


As some of you already knows I bought some weeks ago a SM2K.


Now I would like to know the required spare parts. Would you pls share your spare parts list with me to get a feeling what parts are required.


I also would like to know which bulbs () are installed/used outside (Watt, Size etc.), e.g. for the navigation light, anchor lights, deck light etc. Does anyone of you have list of all the bulbs?


Thanks so much in advance



S/V Sayonara II, SM2K 392

currently in Martinique


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