Re: My first bow thruster service...

Craig Briggs

Hi Mike,
You can get the O rings and Neoprene seals in Ft Lauderdale at Florida Bearings - A Kaman Company; 2686 SW 36th St; 954-462-0825 (they've moved from Broward Ave).

O rings go by ID and CS (Cross Sectional Diameter) so your 78 X 3 would have an 84mm OD. Size charts show it as a 3.0X78.  US sizing is different and a close match would be a Size 151 at 2.62mm X 75.87mm.

Good luck with it.  
Craig Briggs SN68

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Hi Bill,

I'm also servicing my bow thruster for the first time. Wondering how yours went and whether you decided to use RTV everywhere? 

I'm also trying to figure out what the proper size is for the o-rings. Parts lists I've seen show 78 x 3 mm and 40 x 2.5 mm. Are the 78 and 40 the inner or outer diameters?

Also, any advice on where to find the 10mm neoprene seals? We're currently in the Fort Lauderdale area. Was thinking of getting a 10mm sheet and cutting seals from that.

SV Trilogy SM#23

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