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HI Jeff,


Correction: SPEEDWIND should read SUPERWIND.


Best Regards Teun

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Hi Jeff,


I am going thru the same process right now and will have a SS arch welded for AMELIT as per the design received from Bill ROUSE. The selected welder is extremely busy so it will be done here in NOUMEA early July; 3 panels for arnd 850 watts (on paper).

I am now discussing having a reinforced post welded on the solar arch for a wind generator; have read (& seen on YouTube; SY-ZERO) very good things about the German SPEEDWIND; my impression is now reinforced by Danny’s experience with the SPEEDWIND.


Like you, I was not enthusiastic about messing up the profile of AMELIT but at the same time I need to be practical; I looked into a sliding system on the arch to keep a low profile (not higher than the booms) but allowing access to the dinghy and the swim platform. We decided against as ultimately the sliding mechanism will give problems and no longer be functional.


I also didn’t want to use the aft sun deck as I like to use that exactly for that purpose – that’s also why she has the sun matrasses; during passage I need to put the dinghy there.


Only thing I am still undecided is having the SPEEDWIND (there is a new 2018 model) on the solar arch or on the MIZZEN mast.



Looking forward to hearing your ultimate decisions.


Best Regards




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I want to thank everyone who is contributing their knowledge and insight into this topic.


Currently S/V Spirit has no means to charge it's battery pack without burning diesel, and with an expected Pacific adventure in 2019  approaching, that needs to change. 


I'm followed, with interest, the comments on the shaft generator. Please comment on it's connection, and ability to operate. A few questions on it:

1. Will it operate only when the motor is running? With a locked brake, the prop doesn't turn unless running. Do you bypass the brake? Turning the shaft without the motor running is not recommended as heathy for the transmission. If I'm running the engine, I'm burning diesel.


A couple weeks ago, I went up to Maine to speak with Ocean Planet Energy Systems. They carry an array of Solar panels, and the Watt and Sea hydro generator. Very helpful and knowledgable folks, whose business is electrical generating systems.


One of the owners sailed the Vende Globe twice. He used the hydro generator. 

Some thoughts on it: 

1. The southern ocean is not the weed filled Caribbean, and apparently (as pointed out by Ian?) the Atlantic has it's share of crap floating around to clog the prop on the generator. I'm sure the pacific has it's share. You mount the gen set on the stern. Not a particularly encouraging place to visit offshore especially in nautical conditions.

2. It's not cheap. Over 5K

3. If you're not moving, it's not producing. (Duh!)


The D400 Questions and comments

!. Seems like the best wind generator available today. Quiet and efficient

2. Has anyone mounted one on their mizzen? How high up? Did you use some sort of flange clamp over the mast to avoid putting holes in the mast? 

I'd prefer to avoid a post with the generator on top mounted on the stern. It's just me, but I'd find it unsightly. 


Solar panels Questions and comments

!. Obviously a necessity

2. Where to mount them. Again, an arch is not something I'd like to employ. It's just me. 

That said, OES offers panels that can be mounted on the Bimini, and others that can be walked on. As such, I'm thinking that perhaps I mount them on the top of the aft cabin, and/or on the bimini, with a disconnect on the bimini for easy removal when the bimini is folded up.


It seems that some combination of solar and another means of generating electricity is the most efficient way to go. As of now, I'm leaning towards the d400 mounted on the mizzen, if it can be done effectively, and a combo of panels mounted primarily on the aft cabin top. One downside to that is when I make short offshore runs, I store my dingy upside down on the aft cabin. It would cover the panels. I'll live with that.


I appreciate any feedback. Many Amelians are much more familiar with these systems and I look forward to their comments and advice. I love burning diesel, but I realize that it's time to take advantage of these alternative energy production alternatives. Besides, loading up the boat with hidden and deck secured stashes of diesel, is extra weight, and effects trim. Not that we own raceboats, but a well designed boat should be kept within it's parameters of design both astheticly(sp?) and from weight balanced perspective. 


Before I buy anything, I'd like to feel that I've made the best choice for MY needs, which may not be the best choice for someone else with a different perspective, or other needs. 


Thanks, and Best Regards to All


Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14 Puerto Real, Puerto Rico

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   Can you comment on the output of the Amel shaft generator on your boat at various speeds?  My boat has the generator as well but the previous owner removed the drive pulley on the back of the transmission to install a flex coupling..  I plan to have the generator operational for our Transatlantic in 2020.



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Agree with a John. The Santorin also has the prop shaft alternator and it is a gem. From talking to other cruisers en route there seems to be general agreement that maintenance free daytime solar just beats 24 hour wind generation.  
Just a comment to add - our Atlantic crossing buddies had a towed generator which just collected Sargasso weed so had to be ‘suspended’. The prop on an Amel isn’t affected because of its depth, keel protection and size. Any water generator needs to be easily accessible to free it from flotsam.


Ocean Hobo SN 96. Antigua


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