Amel 54 bilge alarm feedback

Sv Garulfo

Hi all,

Today's maintenance task was testing the bilge alarm. We had heard recently of at least one 54 owner who found out the hard way it didn't work. So it was high on the list and, sure enough, the test failed. It turned out the buzzer was dead and the lamp burnt within 5s. The floater trigger worked ok. 

So we replaced the light bulb and the buzzer. We heard the original buzzer in a friend's SM2K and the new one and they are equally loud. 
Which made me think I'd like to add a 3 way switch to test/silence it, as it would be pretty counterproductive/unsettling to have the siren scream while troubleshooting why you're sinking. 

I also thought the position of the floater trigger in the bilge to be rather high. A few components (pumps, engine, c drive) would have their feet wet before it triggers. So thinking of relocating it lower in the sump, while not compromising access/maintenability.

Any thoughts?

Test your testers!

Fair winds 

A54 #122
Saint Martin, FWI

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