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Heinz Stutenbaeumer

Hi Paul 
I got a second rig behind my fore sail. 
I  use it with a staysail or a storm sail in strong winds. I can easy  remove the rig in normal weather. This way I don't need to roll in  the Genoa completely when I make a turn. 
The former owner told me he also used it to go higher up in the wind. 

Fair Winds 
Heinz Stutenbäumer
SM 2000 292 

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Heinz Stutenbāumer

Am 08.04.2018 um 02:54 schrieb paul.cooper74@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...>:


An Amel-owner told me that using the "Trinkette", or staysail, on a SM gains 5-6 degrees of upwind performance.  Can anyone verify this claim?

Paul C.

still looking

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