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I will give you five things that I have learned that may help you.

1) Most of the staysails added to SMs happen early in ownership...after owning. a SM for a year or so, it is rarely added. You should understand why this is true.
2) Cruising isn't a race. In fact, a longer sail on a SM can result on more enjoyment.
3) Some 54 owners, who experience a malfunction in the Trinket, will wait years before repairs. 
4) The majority of circumnavigation miles will be downwind.
5) I have seen a Trinket added incorrectly to a SM resulting in serious problems.

I see you signed your email "still looking" so I'll add two more.
1) You should own your Amel for at least a year before you plan changes because you'll probably change your mind.
2) Finding a good SM is not a small task and the most important thing is not the price.


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An Amel-owner told me that using the "Trinkette", or staysail, on a SM gains 5-6 degrees of upwind performance.  Can anyone verify this claim?

Paul C.

still looking

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