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That... seems unlikely.  

My boat’s best VMG under normal conditions comes when she points at about 37 deg AWA, and 50 deg TWA with a standard Genoa.  A claim of 31 deg AWA with a commensurate increase in VMG, seems far fetched for a SM, I do not believe the keel design will support that without stalling.

But being an engineer, I like to hear numbers.  How high does the person making this claim think a standard rig will point, and what is the claim for performance with a staysail? And are we talking about pointing by measuring apparent wind angle, or true wind angle?  How about leeway?

Talking pointing angle or tacking angle is a place to start, but upwind performance is really about VMG over the ground.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Big Grand Cat, Abacos, Bahamas 

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An Amel-owner told me that using the "Trinkette", or staysail, on a SM gains 5-6 degrees of upwind performance.  Can anyone verify this claim?

Paul C.

still looking

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