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Thanks Eric, for the extra information.

With the masts coming off this week, I will do the stays _except_ the forestay, which I am happy to defer* until Martinique, and then do that and the service on the Genoa furler at the same time.

{* I think it is quite OK to defer, for the shor thop down to MQ, as the rig is not in 'need' of replacement due to any obvious deterioration or \ imminent failure.  I am being precautionary due to age - it is 15 yo original - and, of course, to also keep the folks over at the insurance company on-side should any rig-related misfortune later happen. }


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Sorry wrong subject
I had the genoa furler serviced by Amel in Martinique in November.
The gears were fine however they replaced 5 bearings and 9 seals or the other way around. They also replaced the electrical wire. The cost was 1200- euros. However this was while Amel was changing my rigging.
The cost was about 10,000 euros.
You will have to pat the rigger to remove the headstay and the motor and then replace the grease in the foil and mount the motor again. I would strongly suggest you have this done. Removing the motor from the headstay is a serious project.
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Hi Porter,
Sorry - dropped by, but missed you..  Hope things are going well in Martinique.
Our standing rigging has arrived - finally.  If was made-up and shipped by ACMO in good time, but we opted to piggy-back our pallet into a container, that was scheduled for a good connection by sea-freight from Z-Spars in France to FKG here in SXM.  We saved a stack of money over air-freight (3 days), but somehow the container was delayed out of France by 4 weeks . . .   
Anyway, after we finish here, we will be skipping down-chain, with the mandatory stop in AMEL HQ in MQ - for a little AMEL-specific spares & service, and maybe a rig-check.  Still pondering whether to service the Genoa Furler there.
Anyway, hope to catch up somewhere down the track.
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Hello. We’re over in the IWW Marina. Provisioning and deciding on new sails. 
Looks like you’re wearing out your Visa card!!
Went to FKG yesterday. Looks like a serious outfit!!
What wind gen are you thinking?  
Please stop by if you’re  around. 
We leave probably sat or Sunday for Martinique and a haulout Tuesday. 
What are your Sailing plans after the refit?
Good to hear from you
Excuse the errors.  
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Hi Porter, 

Where are you?  We are in anchored the lagoon, Dutch side, awaiting our standing rigging, which we are doing with FKG.  Plus a host of other projects kicking in while the masts will be off (wind gen on mizzen, VHF & AIS aerials,  N2K wind sensors, cabling, new A/P, and so on).


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