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eric freedman


Gaetan’s shop re rigs the boat and does all mast work with the masts up.

They replace the rigging in pairs port and starboard of the same stay. They then move on to the

next pair of stays. I elected to not install the triadic insulators and install a turnbuckle instead. That stay was used for my now extinct weather fax. It also saves $500- by not using the Amel mast insulation kit.

Fair Winds


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Hi Eric,

>>> re: Why are your masts coming off?

When we checked with FKG, they said that when replacing Standing Rigging, they routinely un-step the mast/s.  Easier and quicker that way, also to be able to better rectify anything else that needs to be done up the top, if necessary.

We did a cost comparison with Gaétan in Martinique, with of Caraibe Greement // Caribbean Rigging making up the rigging locally using ACMO parts as you describe.  With FKG, the cost for the actual work was less, but then almost the same when including the cost of the crane (2x$400-).

For the ACMO rigging tax-free from the factory, add a little more due to the EUR1,200- air-freight.  But FKG is having container-loads of masts coming out from France, so we could get our pallet of rigging delivered here to SXM for an add-on coast of only USD250-, covering ground transport from ACMO factory to Z-Spars and some 'administrative' costs.

So, overall, about the same cost-wise to have the ACMO factory rigging exactly to AMEL specs rigging, done in SXM.

When I am up the mast, I can see some corrosion starting under the paint, so now would be a good time to do some cleaning, check the pulleys and sheaves, and so on.  We are upgrading our wind mast-head unit with a NMEA2000 unit. And we are starting to see some problems with radio aerials and lighting - I guess to be expected for a 2003 boat - so I will be running new VHF cables, and replacing those lighting fittings that are starting to deteriorate. 

As part of the 'wait 12 months' philosophy, we are also only now getting around to install our wind generator on the top of the mizzen.  This in particular easier done at waist height, than aloft.

So we elected to un-step the masts, and do everything we can here and now.  But with the forestay and genoa furler left for the AMEL specialists in Martinique.  I will probably get a rig-check and tune in MQ as well, just to be sure everything is as it should be.

Once all the work is done, I will report back to the group about our experience overall with FKG.


Perigee, SM#396
St Maarten

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