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Peter Forbes


We use our staysail on Carango [Amel 54] a lot and it definitely enables us to point higher. We use it with a 'barber hauler' too to get an even closer turning point closer to the centre line of the yacht. We use the running backstays which are I think vital to balance the pressure on the mast from the staysail.

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Hi Paul;
On our 54, we find that the staysail in combination with the Genoa does help us point higher, or at least the boat can stay in the groove at closer wind angles. We have never measured it, so I do not have a great answer for you, but how much higher we can point does depend on the wind strength. The stronger the wind the higher we can point due to the staysail sheeted inboard of the deck and the small size of the sail needing the power to drive the boat up wind. This is not however a significant amount. I  think we are talking anything between 2-5 degrees depending on wind strength.
With wind over 30 knots, the staysail has sufficient power to fly alone and very comfortable. Especially if we are close hauled. The heal angle of the boat is significantly reduced, the effect of wind gusts on changing the heal angle is much less and the boat is well balanced and under control. In our opinion the staysail on the 54 is a great asset to have. You can set it in the heavy conditions and not have concerns about the safety of the rig and have sufficient power to approach hull speed in most points of sail, except maybe being close hauled. There have been a couple of occasions I can think of that we have had to slightly furl the staysail for comfort.
For us, the staysail is a great asset, that does get used, although not often and usually in winds over 25-30 knots.
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Paul, I have a 55 that came with a staysail, it has been used very rarely and in fact never really been needed, it causes more problems being there than it would ever hope to be useful or effective. When I buy another Amel, it won’t have a staysail.

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Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful responses.  My previous boat (a PSC) had a removable inner forestay which I rigged for offshore sailing only.   Used, and loved, it for heavy weather not upwind sailing.  With the single rig, a double-reefed main and staysail combo was perfectly balanced in heavy winds.  I suspect with the ketch rig the advantages would not be so great, which I actually experienced on our friend's SM2K in 40+ kt winds in the med.  No trinkette and no problem.

Bill, thank you for your advice on new ownership.  So much food for thought, I think my brain must be getting obese.

Paul C.

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