Jib Halyard Sheave


Does anyone know the size of the jib halyard sheave at the top of the mast?

I was up there doing some work and noticed that an edge (on the outside circumference) of the sheave had cracked off over about a 20 degree zone on one side of the sheave.  I was lucky that the broken section was visible...

It appears easy to replace.  There is a diamond shaped plate about 25mm long on the stbd side of the mast that is riveted in place.  This plate captures the axle the sheave rides on.  Drill out the rivets, pull the axle (don't drop anything in the process!) and replace the sheave.

It would help to have the correct sheave on hand, if someone has that info.  I searched the photos and files section and couldn't find it.


Wanderer, SM#477

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