Re: Chain to rode. How do you ?

Ian Park

Miles, John
I have a Santorin too. It had 8mm chain (60m + 40m rode) when I took over ownership. I changed to 100m of 10mm chain. I much easier to do a seasonal end to end swap over with all chain.
The previous boat I had was a mixture of chain and rode with a lofrans windlass. I used to pull the rope up with the rope side of the windlass and then transfer across. It worked, but was awkward. Using a chain hook and short rope helped in holding things during the swap. You had to take a bit of care as there was a foot of rope and the join going over the chain Gypsy before you were on to all chain, but it worked. Try it first in a calm anchorage where there is no real pressure on the system
John, my 100m of chain still piles up under the hawse hole unless there is a bit of swell. I would like to put an angled plate in the locker to divert the chain forwards. There is plenty of space in there but the chain just sticks to itself in a pyramid and doesn’t slough off easily.
Anybody out there found a solution?

Ocean Hobo SN96 Guadaloupe

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