Dessalator Operational Question

Mark & Debbie Mueller

We have an A54 with a 230v 160 LPH Dessalator, water cooled air conditioning, and a Volvo 110 HP engine. 


1) When operating the Onan, water maker, and the Volvo above approximately 1250 RPM the low-pressure gauge on the water maker drops from 20 psi to negative 10” hg, the high-pressure pump starves, and the water maker shuts down.


2) When operating the Onan & water maker everything operates correctly IF the air-conditioning is started first.  If the water maker is started before the air conditioner when the water maker is started the low-pressure pump pressure drops and the water maker shuts down due to low-output pressure on the high-pressure pump.


All tests were run with a clean sea strainer and a clean raw water intake pipe, it was scrubbed with a round brush that reaches through the hull.


What has been your experience?  Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.


Mark & Debbie Mueller

A54 – 68

Brass Ring

Ft. Lauderdale

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