Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Dessalator Operational Question

galacsea2000 <no_reply@...>

This does not address your question directly but may be of interest to this community. (FWIW)

Originally, Amel was reluctant to offer the 160 Lt/h, firstly because it was so expensive but also because their experience  over 16 years with the Super Maramu had shown the advantages of the 100 Lt/h duo system (220v & 24v)  that can run on Volvo alone as well as Onan.

If you are the only one to face this issue, then the previous comments are pertinent to finding a solution.

However, if other 54 with the same setup as yours, have experienced comparable problems, then it may be a design issue: To the best of my knowledge all 54 have the same "Xmas tree" (the horizontal pipe that distribute sea water to all consuming units (A/C, Anchor wash,...), except volvo & onan that have a direct connection to the water chest.

That pipe may not be big enough for your setup but it easy to change.

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