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Mark Garver


If you have the Iridium Extreme, it also has the dedicated SOS button that provides all of the additional information in my previous reply to Bill Kinney. Like the Go! you still have to activate the SOS button on the Extreme, but when in an emergency it is quite simple to simply press the button and hit the life raft. With both the Go! and the Extreme, an attempt will be made via a voice call to your device and text message as well. With the Go! a connected cell phone is required, but with the Extreme as soon as you hit SOS, the message is sent, then the phone also dials out. If for any reason the connection fails, the IERCC will immediately call the device back in an attempt to make contact, all while getting the responsible SAR agency heading to your location.

Hope that helps!


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Actually Kent, it’s not difficult at all. We keep our phones sitting on the nav station where our Go is on its mount, and right next to EPIRB #2 (#1 is already in ditch bag). We would just grab the EPIRB, GO, both phones, and toss them in the ditch bag on the way out.. If you don’t have the 10 seconds it requires to do that, I’m guessing you are having such a bad day, it won’t matter anyway.. 

We really like the unlimited data, texting, and 150 minutes of talk time a month we get at a very reasonable cost. On our recently completed 5000 mile passage to Hawaii, it worked flawlessly, as it has for the previous 3 years. It is really nice to collect lots of weather data twice a day, call Mom and Dad once in a while to reassure them we are fine, txt with friends to pass the time on watch, and not worry about how much data you are using. 

Hope you guys are doing well, and sailing in some beautiful part of the world. 


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Thanks Mark & Bill.  I guess if I had to abandon ship and grabbed my Iridium phone, I could call for help.  Harder if you have to have a phone too.

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