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Sure should have been a snig line as we call them here

It's a stainless hook that fits between two chain links spliced on to a rope about 20 mm diameter about 5 el m long   

We are probably talking abd and out the same thing

At sea we  clip into the chain and clear on the big cleat behind the lofrans  at anchor as clip on to the chain under the bow And attach to one of the cleats on the gunnel at the bow so if carries the weight of the chain over the bow thus avoiding chain noise at anchor 

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Can you explain the last line please. Are you talking about a snubber line?


Finally we use a snug chain as a security back up and also at anchor so the boat swings on rope across the bow fair lead



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My Santorin (Nga Waka) is 1991 and 46 feet so I guess similar to your vessel 


On purchase the boat was down in the bow, it transpired that the drain hole was full of dirt and had blocked up!   Draining the locker produced a lift


The chain was very rusty so I took it out and replaced it with 120 m of 10 mm Italian made chain, the best quality I could find in NZ at the time 


It and the35 kg anchor held fast through the entrails of 3 tropical cyclones at different locations in NZ’s north islands in the past 2 months


In practice 100 m of chain might make more sense as the chain is inclined to accumulate under the lofrans in the chain locker, blocking the flow which then necessitates going below removing the inspection plate and flattening the chain so the remainder can drop in


Mindful of the condition of the locker I inherited we block the chain and hole under the lofrans with plasticine or modelling clay before heading to sea


We also find that removing the inspection port allows the locker and chain to dry


Finally we use a snug chain as a security back up and also at anchor so the boat swings on rope across the bow fair lead 


Apologies if I’m telling you to suck eggs




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Hello fellow Amelians

Many thanks to all those on the forum who have given their thoughts and experience on anchoring options for my boat
(Currently 50m 12mm chain on older 46ft Maramu and I’m wondering about either adding more length in chain or rode)

I’d really like to hear from those with chain plus rode extension solutions.

what windlass do you have and how do you swap from chain to rode on the windlass when raising and lowering the anchor ?

I spoke to the Lofrans distributor in the uk which ended up raising more questions for me.

He was clear to point out that my Tigres is an all chain windlass the rope capstan is only for independent use and not setup to the allow transfer from chain to rope sections.
He said the chain stripper would cause problems with the rode.
If I want a chain plus rode solution I would need a different windlass.

Any experience most welcome as I’ve only ever had an all chain solution before.

Many thanks


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