Re: Flushing the AC system with Barnacle Buster


We have a shutoff ball valve between the manifold and the watermaker.  It makes fresh water or solution rinsing of the other components easier and it is also protection against any freshwater backup into the generator should you have a small leak from the 3-way watermaker flushing valve and the seachest seacock closed (this has happened to several Amel owners).  So if you are using Barnacle Buster it would be good protection for the watermaker and make the process easier.  It also allows you to leave the watermaker feed pump and feed hose in fresh water by letting the fresh water flush reverse into the manifold (keep the seachest seacock open) and then shutting off.  We feel it is a good addition to the Amel system.   On occasion I forget to open it when desalinating water but lack of pressure in the low pressure gauge is an immediate indication--we always look at this to make sure that the feed pump is operating and of course there are 2 minutes or so before the high pressure pump begins operation.  Easy to add, and worth consideration we think.

Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI SM 429 Malta

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