Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 2nd Forestay on Super Maramu


Hi Paul.
I have a 110% Genoa with a high cut clew.  It is plenty in 20-40 kt winds.  My 135% Genoa works OK in lighter air, but I wish I'd gotten the 150%.  I think with the luff foam it would be fine in up to 25kts.
If you are going with only one Genoa, the 135 is OK. If it's going to be your heavy weather jib, I'd go with a 90-110%.

S/V Kristy
Bill, Danny
Thank you for your input.
I know my genoa have room for improvement, maybe we invest in a new 130% genoa to use when sailing in areas where strong winds are common.  Do not fancy changing sails under way.
Paul on S/Y Kerpa

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