Water coming through below rudder quadrant


Hello all. After avoiding the Berries all season because it just seemed too shallow with limited protection, I made a pass through it 2 days ago, and promptly found myself aground trying to turn around in a seeming dead end of a proclaimed “safe anchorage for one or two boats in an East wind.

Apart from being stuck for twenty minutes or so, I discovered later that evening that I had water under the aft bunk and pulled roughly a gallon out of the low space under the quadrant. This evening, after crossing Bimini to Ft Lauderdale, I pulled about the same out, to make it twice in the last two days.

I have never noticed water there before, though as I look now, I see a staining that has been there for quite some time, likely longer than the 18 months I’ve owned the boat, and so perhaps others have had issues with water getting through the packing and coming out the top of the fiberglass rudder sleeve.

With my phone I see what looks like a packing but below the quadrant. Have any of you dealt with an issue such as this?

All the best,
Steve Morrison
Sm 380, TouRai
Ft Lauderdale

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