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Mark Erdos

Be very careful when removing the old bearing. It is VERY easy to break the fitting causing you to buy the entire arm. Use lots of penetrating oil. It is best not to do this at the top of the mast, bring the entire arm fitting down (it just plugs in to the socket).



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Dear Seckin,


You obviously need a new bearing part nr: 213-10-038. Price about 130 $.


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Dear All;

Our SM wind speed indicator in not working.
The direction is working but the indicator in the top of the mast is locked and is barely can be moved by hand.
Our boat is year 1992 hull #76.

The insturements are B&G.
In the attached file you can see the display system. (Maybe you need to understand the model number…etc)

How can we fix it?
Do I need to replace the system?
Anyone knows the model number?

Thanks in advance;

Seckin Barlas

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