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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Paul,

that's a bit new to throw away. Car position, halyard tension and leach cord are significant adjustments for performance as I am sure you know but if the sail is poorly shaped or of too light a cloth there is a limit as to what you can achieve.Do you have a foam luff. As I said in my previous it is quite possible to get satisfactory performance to windward in stronger winds with a partly furled 155%.but if its a slog of over 24 hours I change to my 90%


SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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My "old" Genoa is less than 2 years so it still has a few miles left. but I agree with you that a poor 150% can give less performance than a good 100%, have experienced that a few times on previous boats . I will continue with my "old" Genoa cruising North towards Nova Scotia this summer, then decide upon action before heading down to the Caribbean this fall.
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259



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