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Ian Shepherd

Hi Ian,

The link below your message takes me to an Iron Man game. I am afraid to a
Copper Man! I think it is cinema related which may be why Indiana Jones came
up for someone else. CopperCoat sounds interesting. Copper cladding was
after all the solution used by sailing vessels of yesteryear, and so it
should work. I tried adding an antibiotic powder to the paint a couple of
years ago. So far it's been OK though I do have to brush off the occasional
loose growth occasionally. But then I have been marina bound for most of
that time, though I hope to be on the move for a while in a couple of weeks


Ian Shepherd - Crusader SM 414

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From: Ian & Judy Jenkins
Date: 06/18/08 13:22:46
Subject: RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] Coppercoat

Hi Eric, What link did you click onto????Try or www
It's clear from one of the yachting magazine trials that they refer to on
the Coppercoat website ( the Practical Boat Owner magazine, a UK
publication) that there have been other manufacturers in the past who have
had limited success in trying to produce a similar product but it does seem
that these particular manufacturers have cracked it. Hope so!
Cheers, Ian

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