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You have a number of things ptobably affecting your performance. 

That motor is not original and may be cavitating that prop which was designed for less hp and less rpms.

The AutoProp does auto-pitch and may overcome some of the above issue. I believe the standard prop will continue to be a problem. 

When did you buy SM 200? And, do you know if the repower included installation of an isolated ground for the engine? 


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I have lost  one wing of the Auto-Prop Propeller, Now I am traveling with the fix-Propeller, Amel had suplied with the boat. I am surprised, that I canot increase the tours/ min  higher than 2400. With the Auto-Prop it has gone up to 3500. I have the Yanmar 110HP Engin. Is this normal or is eventually the Turbo not working anymore ?

Any experience ?



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