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James Cromie

Seckin - 
I had this same problem happen to me just a month ago while sailing.  Not having a spare, I took the bearing module off the mast head unit while at anchor, and disassembled down below.  I sprayed corrosion-X on the bearings, and also wrapped silicone tape around the outer housing, as there was a small hole where a set screw is located.   It spun without any resistance.  
Of course, I plan to replace the unit with a new one when I have that available, but this did the trick in a pinch, and it has been working fine. 

I saw a report that one can replace the bearings with this  bearing model: SFR2-5-ZZ (that can be found on the internet).  However, I have not verified that this bearing would fit. 
I consider all of this as a temporary fix. 

SM2K 347

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Your B&G 213 Mast Head Unit (MHU) is probably original and over 20 years old. Others are correct that the speed sensor needs to be replaced because the tiny bearing is bad. The speed sensor is about 100 Euro.

I think you should consider replacing the entire 213MHU. It will cost you about 1200 Euro. It is also possible that the mount will be will cost about 300 Euro. It comes with 25 meters of cable.


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I forgot to attach the image…

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Dear All;

Our SM wind speed indicator in not working.
The direction is working but the indicator in the top of the mast is locked and is barely can be moved by hand.
Our boat is year 1992 hull #76.

The insturements are B&G.
In the attached file you can see the display system. (Maybe you need to understand the model number…etc)

How can we fix it?
Do I need to replace the system?
Anyone knows the model number?

Thanks in advance;

Seckin Barlas

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