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   That is great that the oil pressure is still good.  Could the shavings from the wearing pump drive components plug the ability of the lubricating oil to flow back to the oil pan?  The only other possibility causing accelerated wear that I can think of is that somehow the pump drive components are not in correct alignment.  Hopefully you can get a more informed answer for your question.  

Best of luck,

SV Sueño
Maramu #220 

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Thanks James but oil pressure is good and we change oil every 100 hours and the oil filter. Also the engine uses little oil between changes

It’s a puzzle !



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   This is just a guess since I am not familiar with this particular engine.   I am wondering if you might have a lubrication issue that is causing accelerated wear?  Do you know if your oil pressure is within specs. ?   When the oil pressure gets critically low, the top end of an engine tends to suffer first.

Best of luck and I hope that you find the problem,


SV Sueño
Maramu #220
Perkins 4.154 series 200

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Good morning all,


My 1991 Santorin has a Perkins Prima 50 hp diesel of about 13000 hours. It runs like a sewing machine, has been serviced with new oil and filter every 100 hours and has a written engine log.


Twice in the last 300 hours the engine has overheated. The problem is that the spline drive bolted on to a drive cam on the top of the engine is wearing away in the shaft of the Jabsco water pump which drives the raw water cooling system.


The result is the spline is being chewed up and ends up rotating in the shaft of the water pump so that the water circulation stops because the water pump shaft is not rotating and the engine overheats.


Bugger! The pump and spline cost $1500 to replace … and I’m now on my third pump and spline. 

There is no detectable movement in the drive cam ………..


There is another identical motor in another boat in our marina with the same issue.


Has anyone out there encountered this issue and identified its cause?


John Hayes


Nga Waka 

Wellington NZ

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Hey Guys


I think the email got chopped off by the site algorithms. Should I assume it's or something like that.


If you're up this way and we can help you out or just share a toddy let us know. 

We're planning on heading to Cape Breton's Bras'Dor Lakes in mid August then back down to Mahone Bay in late August. 

You can reach me any time at reswinemar at gmail dot com. (Let me know if that fools the algorithms;-)



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