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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi James,

A furling headsail, if it is to be used partly furled must have a properly shaped and constructed foam pad at the luff. Many sail makers use a rope sewn in just behind the luff as an alternative. It is not effective because it is not shaped to take up the extra draft in the middle of the sail.

That's that one dealt with. If you have a sail with the afore descried foam pad at the luff furling does no damage as the sails shape is maintained. Without the foam pad the sails shape would be terrible and damage would be done.

Next point. What wind strength is the sail maker envisioning when designing this huge sail. I would guess 15 knots true and they use cloth of a weight matching this with some margin for error. I told the sailmaker I could be using the sail reefed in 40 knots true and that they were to use a cloth weighted for that. As I said in my previous they ignored me and used a lighter cloth and rope on the luff and had to replace the sail.

As I said in my previous, if I have a long period of on the wind sailing in strong wind I change down to my 90%. The ability to sail furled is to allow rapid change as the weather does what it does best...change

When I raced yachts I always told sailmaker to use a heavier/stronger stretch resistant  cloth on all my sails as I reasoned that the short term benefit of a lighter cloth would soon be lost as the sail distorted with age. Not being a hot shot that had sponsors replacing my sails each regatta I wanted years of life not months.

This certainly applies to my cruising now. I note many of the SM I see with their head-sails furled  have a much smaller bundle than mine. I guess they have a much lighter cloth than mine.

I think this answers your question as to how using the sail partly furled would be related to loss of sail shape over time. If the above is followed, very little to none.

Kind Regards


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   Some great discussion!   I am curious about how deep you feelnthat you can reef a well made Genoa and still have good shape?    Also,  I was wondering your thoughts on how much using a well made Genoa reefed might be related to the loss of sail shape over time?   


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Hi Paul,

that's a bit new to throw away. Car position, halyard tension and leach cord are significant adjustments for performance as I am sure you know but if the sail is poorly shaped or of too light a cloth there is a limit as to what you can achieve.Do you have a foam luff. As I said in my previous it is quite possible to get satisfactory performance to windward in stronger winds with a partly furled 155%.but if its a slog of over 24 hours I change to my 90%


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My "old" Genoa is less than 2 years so it still has a few miles left. but I agree with you that a poor 150% can give less performance than a good 100%, have experienced that a few times on previous boats . I will continue with my "old" Genoa cruising North towards Nova Scotia this summer, then decide upon action before heading down to the Caribbean this fall.
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