Re: Jib Halyard Sheave

pepinoamel <no_reply@...>

Hi Mark,

I'm just having correspondence with Maud in La Rochelle regarding the masthead sheaves.  I'd like to order replacements for all the sheaves and Maud is asking for photos which I don't have.  I'd like to avoid going up the mast just for this.  Have you been able to locate your old ones and if so, could you post a picture with dimensions if possible.  I believe there are 3 sheaves on the main mast, 1 for the mainsail, 1 for the jib and 1 for the spare halyard.  The mizzen probably only has 1 for the mainsail.  Do you know if they're all the same dimensions?

Many thanks.

Gerhard Hoffmann

SY Pepino SM381


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