Re: 2nd Forestay on Super Maramu



The only place I have a minor issue with your comments is your total opposition to the rope luff.  

PROPERLY MADE, with multiple pieces of rope, of properly selected lengths and diameters, SEWN in place in a well made pocket, in my experience it can do just as good a job at bulking up the middle of the sail as a foam luff. (Note, there are a LOT of caveats on that...)

Improperly made and shaped neither a rope NOR a foam luff will do a good job.  I have seen foam luffs that were not properly tapered, and resulted in terrible sail shapes when furled.

On my SM I have a foam luff, on my old boat I had sails with both foam and rope luffs, and would be very hard pressed to say there was a dramatic difference between them in furled sail shape.

I suspect, but can not prove, that a foam luff will be longer lasting just because it should result in a smoother roll.  I have never had a rope luff chafe through... but I can imagine it happening.

We always have to make compromises when we ask one sail to do multiple jobs.  They are never going to be perfect...  

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Cat Island, Bahamas

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