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Patrick McAneny

Eric, No , and the meter shows no power at the back of the switch, thus my search for the power source to the switch. Didn't you have a wire tracer that you recommended a while back ?
Pat SM #123

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Hi Pat,
Does the red light go on when you turn on the switch?
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I am trying to troubleshoot a problem . My propane switch failed to deliver propane , I assumed it was the solenoid , but I don't detect electric to the back of the switch. Above the galley there is what looks like a heat sink with GAS written next to it . Is this the source of electric to the switch? There is 24v in and out. Can someone tell me the power source, its hard to trace the wires , actually impossible, I  wish they were labeled.I think I need to buy a wire tracer , is there one recommended .
Pat SM#123

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