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The "third" halyard for a SM will not be on a sheeve integrated into the mast. There will be an external block for the "third" halysrd, and in many cases, if not all, the external block was installed after purchase.

I suspect the reason you were asked for photos is that you asked for 3 mainmast sheeves.


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Unfortunately, I could not find my old main mast sheaves to take measurements.  I either threw them out or they got misplaced in the frenzy to prepare the boat for the long passage from Martinique to our home port in Deale, MD USA.  I got my replacement sheaves through Amel Caraibes in Martinique.  I was told that they had to order them from Amel HG in La Rochelle.  I was not in the country at the time and I was not directly involved in the purchase, so I really do not know how they were procured.  However, I do know I was charged 29.10 Euros for each sheave. 

My SM Cara only has two (2) sheaves on the Main Mast as Cara does not have a spare halyard rigged. These two sheaves for the Main and the Jib appear to have the same Outside Diameter.  I would guess that they have the same Inside Diameter because they are installed on the same shaft.  However, the Main Halyard is 10mm OD a nd the Jib Halyard is 12mm OD.  I am not familiar with the Mizzen Mast sheaves. 

I have attached two different pictures of the sheaves installed at the top of the Main Mast.  One is the new sheaves after installation and the other one is the old sheaves taken during the survey.

I hope this helps and hopefully the next person that gets replacement sheave or removes their old ones will post pics and measurements for the rest of us!


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Hi Mark,

I'm just having correspondence with Maud in La Rochelle regarding the masthead sheaves.  I'd like to order replacements for all the sheaves and Maud is asking for photos which I don't have.  I'd like to avoid going up the mast just for this.  Have you been able to locate your old ones and if so, could you post a picture with dimensions if possible.  I believe there are 3 sheaves on the main mast, 1 for the mainsail, 1 for the jib and 1 for the spare halyard.  The mizzen probably only has 1 for the mainsail.  Do you know if they're all the same dimensions?

Many thanks.

Gerhard Hoffmann

SY Pepino SM381


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