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We use 5/16" "high test" chain which is appropriately rated. 5/16" is
about 8mm. Regular 8mm chain would not be adequate.

Keep in mind that you will need a different gypsy for your windlass so
be sure to check with the windlass manufacturer before you buy your
new chain.

Enjoy the new boat!

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hello everyone,

i've just bougth a amel santorin 1994 in the Med.We are planning to
leave the med april/ may next year.Through the red sea or via
Gibralter Atlantic we don't know yet.

We had a survey done wich was overall quite positive (she's a clean boat
wich didn't cruise that much)Previous owner kept her in a permenent
mooring in a marina and did some daysailing i presume.

The surveyor had 2 remarks about the rigging being 14 years old and
better should be changed allthough it doesn't show any signs off teare
and weare?Does anyone have any advise or experiance with this and what
this would cost?

Second there is an 8mm galvenised anchorchain with a 20 kg cqr anchor
wich i am planning to replase by a 30kg type bugel,spade or rocna
anchor.The surveyor said the 8mm chain is to ligth for a 14m boat off
about 11 or 12 ton loaded and should be changed by a 10 mm chain?
Does anyone have any experience or advice on this?

I thank you and glad to join the club!

phil from "2 miles ahead"

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