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Bill and Fernando,

And, low compression could be caused by valves out of adjustment.

Assuming the AutoProp is clean and properly working, I would adjust the valves, then perform a compression test. If compression is within specs, I would have the almost new injectors tested. 

Use the following guide if the above doesn't solve the issue.

Reasons for fuel in the water in order of likelihood:
The engine is overrevved especially under load...this is normal to see diesel in the water.
The AutoProp is fouled or needs new bearings
Valves need adjusting 
Injector nozzels need replacing
Other injector problems
Fuel injection pump creating too much fuel pressure
Shaft brake is not working correctly
Valves are worn and engine needs a topend rebuild. 
The C-Drive or Transmission has something creating a load on the engine.
Something else is creating a load on the engine.


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Actually, ANY reason for low compression in one or more cylinders could be a possible cause of unburned fuel exiting with the exhaust...

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