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Patrick McAneny

Ian, That is a good point about adding enough length to hoist a dinghy, and it sounds like an eye in both ends would be good for the shackle. I wonder now if an eye in a 7/16 " halyard would fit through the mast and around the sheave .
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I have a captive shackle on both ends. That’s how it was when I got the boat, although I have seen it in the recent pass that you only need the shackle on on end. The shackle retaining pin should fit neatly into the groove in the ballooner mouse and the other end also attaches to the same shackle, so that once the mouse clicks in (it needs a positive jerk to locate and lock it in - if you don’t the ballooner just finds its way back to the deck!) you can pull the shackle out of the groove and retrieve the halliard leaving the ballooner is free to furl if necessary.

You may want to use that halliard to hoist a dinghy on to the foredeck. If so you might want to make it long enough to hook on to the dinghy, go once round the larger mast winch and tail onto the rope drum of the windlass. This lets me manhandle the dinghy while Linda operates the windlass. It’s easier than winding it in by hand with the mast winch.


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PS if anyone needs to know, the water is back on in the dock and the quality is fine again.

Both ends though require a loop. I’ve just replaced mine and sewn and whipped a loop in each end.
The halliard is not under any great stress while hoisting and retrieving the ballooner

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