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Nick Newington


I suggest you get an injector puller. Not sure on your set up but if the injectors do not thread in but are clamped in then the puller is a rod of steel with a nut welded to one end that threads onto the injector. The rod has a weight on it that slides up and down the rod with a stop welded to the top. The idea is that you thread this device on and whack up the weight to the end stop and pull the injector. This will make sure the injector is not damaged when you pull .it. Armed with the puller easy peasy to pull an injector. Just make sure everything is clean and put the injector directly into a ziplock, one for each injector.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Amelia Amel 54

On 26 Apr 2018, at 14:56, thomas.kleman <no_reply@...> wrote:

Hello Amelians- Would love to get advice, so please indulge me. Situation: I'm in Martinique, three weeks from heading to Bonaire for hurricane season.........then Aruba, Columbia, Panama, and through the canal......i.e. about to head away from the island chain and abundant technical support.

Through owning L'ORIENT (SM2K #422) for 8 years (and being cheap), I've become fairly technically competent with the boat and haven't paid for a technician in years.........and owe a lot to the posts I've read here for that. While not every repair has been smooth I've found the answer is always in this site. In maintaining the boat, I try to balance opposing cliches......."don't fix it if it isn't broken"........and "you can't be afraid of your boat".

So, the other day I decide to test the engine and attempt to get the revs up while motoring...........can't get above 1900 RPM. No big must be a dirty prop, like I dive on the prop and find some peach fuzz and a few smalll barnacles but not enough (in my estimation) to cause the loss of revs (this has happened to me before quite often when I lived at Miami Beach Marina for 2 years).

So after cleaning the prop I test the boat again and am able to achieve 2800 RPMs without vibration or problem (a bit of additional exhaust smell maybe but I think that was wind direction). This still leaves me uncomfortable since I feel like there should have been more fouling on the prop.

I have in my spares 4 new fuel injectors, guides, fuel line, etc........everything I need to change the injectors; however this is a project I've never done before. I'm normally decisive in this situation but don't really have a direction figured out yet. So, what now ?

1) do nothing......engine has only 2600 hours and t hings seem OK now. Also, it might not even be the injectors !!!

2) pay a guy to change the injectors and test the engine (hate this option)

3) change the injectors myself (my uncle, the former chief mechanic for a major US city thinks I'm a wimp to even consider paying someone else.........says he could do this in an hour while drinking 3 Buds).

My hesistancy to reflexively go to the "do nothing" option is that if the problem re-emerges in someplace less saturated with potential help I will wish I had dealt with it now.

Thoughts ?

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