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Hi Chris:  

My original reply didn't post for some reason.  I recently did the modification to the rail (as show in the photo in my other post).  

Amel clearly made an error in extending this track too far aft as there is no way to remove the car without modifying the track.  There is never any reason to run the car that far aft.

Even when the "stopper" bolt is removed the car runs into the chainplate/lifting ring, preventing it's removal.  The only way to remove the car is to cut the track with an angle grinder (at least that is how I did it), then radius and dress a section of the track that is the length of the car so that once the "stopper" bolt is removed the car can be slid aft and lifted from the track. 

When grinding make sure to protect the toe-rail and areas of the track you don't desire to cut as slips with an angle grinder are in inevitable.  
The plastic slides are available from Euro Marine Trading (USA), G30.40A PVC inserts 160 mm long  $18.25 set of 2 ea,  plus shipping 

Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona
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Greetings Amelians,

I have searched old messages and cannot find how to remove the jib cars.  I need to replace the plastic sliders. 

Car forward, runs into the lifeline upright and aft it runs into the chain plate where jib sheet block is located.  

I am having trouble undoing screws holding down track.  I am thinking of getting an impact screw driver.  

Thanks in advance. 

Chris Shiels

"Jaygo". SM224

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