Steering locks and autopilots

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

I agree with Joel, for a circumnavigation two drive units are highly
desirable as they work very hard and may fail. See my previous posts
and take spares as well. A spare computer for the autopilot is
desirable but generally they are now much more reliable.
Amel made up a steering lock for me. It was a very simple and elegant
solution. It is a piece of stainless strip metal in the shape of an E.
The distance between two of the legs is just enough to hook on to a
spoke of the wheel and the space between the centre and third leg is
sufficient to slot on to the raised section of the instrument panel.
This part is lined with 'leather' and has a hole drilled to take a pin
which goes through the raised section. The pin is fixed to the E on a
short bit of light chain. Perhaps none of this is possible on earlier

Best wishes, John, SM 319

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