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Patrick McAneny

Gary, I also need to remove my cars and I guess this is the solution , I can now stop scratching my head , I was going bald. Do you think the car could be remove if I only removed only one side of the rail ? I was wondering if you could pick up one side and then slide it over and out. It may be too tight of a fit to allow it to be angled up. I guess I can answer this for myself when I do the job . Thanks for the source of the bearings. 
Pat SM#123

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Hi Chris:

I just undertook removal of my jib sheet cars on my SM 2000 #335 for two reasons.  1. one of the plastic sliders was broken on the port side and 2. there was hurricane damage to the toe-rail on the starboard side.  In my opinion, Amel made an error in extending the track too far aft.  You never need the car back that far and even if you are able to remove the "stopper" bolt that is about 6 inches from the end of the track, the car will not come off the track as it hits the chainplate/lifting ring.   I was able to remove both of the bolts on my tracks, but then was still unable to remove the cars due to that interference.  So, I used an angle grinder and very carefully cut the top of the "T"  of the track on both sides of the vertical member for a distance of the length of the jib sheet car.  I radiuses the forward ends of the cut and dressed and filed the track for a finished look.. & nbsp;Now removal of the car is accomplished by removing the "stopper" bolt then sliding the car to the narrowed area of track and lifting upward.  I hope that makes sense.  It was a tedious project and I recommend placing protection of the fiberglass and areas of track you don't want to damage as slips with the angle grinder are bound to happen. 

Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 #335
In repairs at Island Marine, Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico

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