Steering stiffness (but not from rudder) ?

smiles bernard

Hello there group

I’ve been wondering about the source of the stiffness of my steering`

Following good advice from this forum I removed the Morse steering cables from the rudder quadrant

Once disconnected the rudder turned really freely so the stiffness must be in the morse steering cables or in the rack and pinion/steering wheel assembly itself

Rather hopefully I added some grease via the grease nipples on the rack/pinion. Sadly this did not help reduce the stiffness 

I’d be interested to hear if anyone on the forum who has experience of somehow reducing friction in the steering cables and/or taking apart the rack and pinion for service. 

Or has any thoughts about the likely stiffness and any things i could try

I assume the next step is to unbolt the rack n pinion and take it apart but I’m a little concerned about how easy it’ll be to put back together again!

I’ve attached a pic of the rack/pinion assembly on my boat in case its the same as others on the forum...I’m not sure if this system is also used on the super maramus?

Any thoughts or advice very much appreciated

Does anyone have any experience of replacing the steering cables? If so i'd be really interested in how this was carried out and where the cables were sourced from 

Many thanks in advance

1985 Older Maramu

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