Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Trinidad-A/C Units

ianjenkins1946 <>

Hi Gary, We are onshore at Peakes, next door to Coral Cove. Everone recommended an aircon unit as a means to avoid mildew etc ( the rainy season is from now till Xmas, apparently). We have put one on, using Rafael from Cosmos Yacht Services who came highly recommended by some other yotties. ( he also grows his own vegetables which are very tasty). His no is 362 7877 or 723 6579. He charges US$91 pm and there will also be an electricity charge, The unit fits on the main hatch in the saloon and runs 24/7. This does mean that someone could just move the unit and enter your boat! We have Pen Azen in the "secure" part of Peakes, where even owners are not allowed and they have guard dogs loose at night ( actually when we checked there was one, a nice old pooch, fast asleep. He was a Rottweiler, which counts for something, but my brother in law, who has only recently left Harare in Zimbabwe, had a Rottweiler called Fud. The U stood for Useless, the D for dog, and I leave you to work out the F for yourself. Fud was as big a lap dog as you could find, so I have never made any assumptions about the effectiveness of Rottweilers...
But , I digress. We will only know in November whether we have wasted our money on aircon .Very good friends of ours, who have a wooden boat and therefore are concerned about the aircon drying the boat out, have chosen not to have it. They are in the same yard and we will compare notes in November.
Cheers, Ian and Judy. Pen Azen, SM 302

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