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Hi Nick,

That's very  interesting, and I shall follow it up--but I don't think my Volvo has a sensor like yours---it's 18 years old and no computer has been near it in that time !

In neutral the revs are fine.

It runs at 2000 revs happily even with the Onan on at the same time, so I don't think there can be any problem with the fuel supply being blocked.  It must be something on the engine.

The fuel injection pump was checked by Bosch in December 2016, 300 hours ago and was passed fit. Everything certainly worked as it should last season.

I am beginning to wonder it there is something wrong with the governor. On the 78hp Volvo  in the SM Amel govern it down to 60hp.  I assume that a governor works by limiting the supply of fuel. In neutral, you only need a small supply of fuel to exceed 2800 revs so the governor doesn't reduce the revs in neutral. However, under load, 2800 is tops.

Needless to say, trying to get an answer out of a Volvo agent in Athens at the beginning of the season is turning into a saga of its own.

Anyone who has sailed in Greek waters have any suggestions for a mechanic who knows what he's doing ?

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Korfos, Greece

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I had a similar  problem on my Amel 54 with Volvo 110hp turbo. Thought it was the turbo but it turned out to be the sensor  which measures turbo boost pressure. It is located on starboard side on the Volvo and 5 minute job to change but expensive part 350 euros. Problem solved. I had to get a Volvo technician to diagnose the fault with his computer though as I was unable to diagnose the problem.

Do you have an EVC  computer thing giving boost pressure? If that is stuck the EVC will limit the rpm. Sometimes these modern engines can be too clever! You could also check the turbo is sucking and the little arm goes back and forward. If it is stuck just work it with some WD40. If the boost pressure does not come up then I think it is the sensor.
Can you get 2800 in neutral? When I had my problem i could get 2800 in neutral but not under load.


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Hi All,

I thought this subject had been reviewed so many times that there was nothing else to know. However.....

Last year our 78hp Volvo was partially rebuilt by the Volvo agent in Hyeres. Not a happy experience, but we did end up with an engine performing as it should. With a clean bottom and prop  the rev counter went up to 2800 with a top speed in calm water of about 8.4k, much the same as when the boat was launched 18 years ago. We are pretty rigorous about opening the throttle to max every 12 hours or so.

We put about 290 hours on the engine and then left the boat ashore till this month. I changed the oil and fuel filters. We have twin Racors before fuel reaches the engine.

Having launched, with a spotless bottom and Autoprop, we  motored for about 12 hours at no more than 1900 revs.
Performance was perfect- up to 7.1k at 1800.    I then opened the throttle but with the lever full ahead the revs would not exceed 2100.  At 2000 revs we do 7.3k and at 2100 7.7k, what I would expect. But nothing above 2100.

More than that, on four occasions when I have tried full throttle the revs have fallen back  suddenly to about 1500, on one occasion stopping the engine.

I should mention that the refit included a new turbo , injectors and exhaust elbow and the fuel pump was sent off to Bosch who confirmed that it was fine

Diving on the prop shows that it is still spotless.

My thoughts are that there must be a fuel shortage when I open the throttle; that there is sufficient flow up to 2100  for the engine to perform correctly but above that there is fuel starvation.  I have changed both the engine and the Racor filters again, in case some fuel bug had grown over the winter and blocked them. The ones I took off were spotless and the fuel they contained was also spotless.

Anyone got any thoughts ?

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Korfos, Greece

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