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Thanks for that Joel I am suprised that only 10% have had wind vane
steering. The system that we are considering would provide a second
rudder shoud we lose the first but point noted and we will have to
give it some thought

Orion 1

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There is no anode in the 4-154 cooling system .I had a client put
one in
and it never got any smaller even years later .Perhaps it is a good
thing to
consider that less than 10% of the Amels that have circumnavigated
(that we
know of) have wind steering systems .Most voyagers use dual
.Experience is the best teacher .
Do not tighten the friction knob on the bottom of the Morse
steering system
any tighter than to finger tight .It was not intended to be a lock
replacement parts are nearly nonexistent .Use a bungee cord through
wheel to lessen the wheels movement if need be .

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