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Dan Carlson

Hi Mark, I believe that David Vogle on Perigee just replaced his. So you might want to reach out to him.  It looked like the model you posted.  He did have the luxury of having his stick down for new standing rigging.  

My lens for the steaming light hit the deck in Statia 2 weeks ago. Three pieces on the deck and the rest (4 pieces) were 5 meters under the boat.  I looked up the replacement, saw the cost and strapped on my mask and fins and dove into the crystal clear water.  A bit of glue and the puzzle went together.  It's not pretty, but it's still working!  

We will be headed to Bonaire in a week or two.

Cheers, Dan Carlson on sv BeBe, sm #287.

On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 9:48 AM, 'Mark Erdos' mcerdos@... [amelyachtowners]

On the way to Bonaire, the combo steaming/deck light decided not to play anymore and self destructed. Looking at the forum, it appears there were a couple of models used by Amel.


I have the original combo unit with three pop-rivets on each side. Has anyone replaced this????


I think this is what I need but can’t find info on the hole drilling for the mounting:


Can anyone confirm this is the unit and that the holes on the new unit will align to the holes in the mast for the pop rivets?


Many thanks.



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