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Craig Briggs

Hi Fred,

That's the factory supplied line for hoisting your dinghy outboard. The spliced eye attaches to the lifting halyard on the port side of the mizzen. Then the two legs with the shackles go over the mizzen boom, one on each side and run over the cheek blocks at the end of the boom. 

The sling piece goes onto the engine first. Then.swing the boom out over the dinghy engine and lower and attach the shackles of the lifting line. Finally, run the halyard to a winch (the main sheet winch works fine), then hoist the engine and swing it either to the rail mount or into the aft locker.

Rather than using the engine rope sling, I've installed eye-bolts on either side of my outboard just below the cover so I can simply attach the shackles directly, without fussing with a sling.

Regarding the furling line for the genoa, I'm not sure a dedicated line was supplied, but on our SN the balooner sheet is the right size. Run it around the furler and then through the foreguy blocks and aft to a winch.

Cheers, Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris

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Amel smartness has no limit !

I would like to open a new chapter of this game for our experts if they can help at identifying this rope.

There are 2 shackles and quite special design so I thought that it is here since the launching.

Picture attached : 


Additionally I would be grateful, if someone can share a picture + characteristics of the genuine forestay rope for manually furling the genoa.


S/V ScentStone

SM2K #375 currently Bundaberg AU

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