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Ian Park

I had to do it for real this season. I just picked up a piece of 10mm rope lying in the locker, sat down in front of the genoa furler and popped it in place and pulled. I didn’t have too long a piece of rope, probably about 4 or 5 metres. It ran most of the sail in quite easily and I was able to thread the tail of the rope back in while the last bit of rope was going out so had a continuous furl.
I dare say in a very strong wind it might be a bit tougher, but one of the mast winches and a longer rope should see the job done. Best to find a calm day on anchor or in a marina, haul the genoa out, pull the pin up and give it a go. Had to do the same with the main outhaul very recently and it was (not surprisingly) straightforward. On both occasions it was sticking brushes - the second time I used the technique on an earlier post, got the lump hammer out and tapped round the edge of the motor. It started working again. Thanks whoever suggested that one! 
Tomorrow’s job is to sort the brushes out!!


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Hi Fred,

this is the rope you use to lift the outboard engine from its support on the guard rail:
Run both shackled ends of the rope through the open pulleys at mizzen boom end, and tie the loop of the rope to the handling halyard on mizzen mast starboard (at spreaders).
Then tie the shackles to the harness of your outboard engine. That's a good way to give it to the people in the dinghy.

Have a good practise.


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Amel smartness has no limit !

I would like to open a new chapter of this game for our experts if they can help at identifying this rope.

There are 2 shackles and quite special design so I thought that it is here since the launching.

Picture attached : 


Additionally I would be grateful, if someone can share a picture + characteristics of the genuine forestay rope for manually furling the genoa.


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