Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Raymarine AIS not working on Furuno Chart Plotter?

Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Bill

Thanks, and completely agree with you, thats why I insisted. NMEA should be compatible across manufacturer, - it’s the intentions of having such a standard protocol. 
But Reymarine representant said it works, but my FURUNO NAVnet will not be able to present the AIS data on the chart plotter. I think I need to "dig in" here and I will call another electronic guy to get a second opinion. 

Best regards
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I can not comment on Furuno comparability specifically, but our Raymarine AIS works just fine with our B&G instruments. It did require a special cable adapter to connect the proprietary “Seatalk” connectors into standard NMEA2k system.

AIS data transmitted on the NMEA bus protocol should be completely comparable across manufacturers, especially since the unit sold by Raymarine is an industry standard AIS with Raymarine labels and connectors.

The Raymarine AIS unit on our boat was installed by the previous owner, and he had only interfaced it via 0183 to his laptop. When we bought Harmonie she had no NMEA2k network. Other than the cable adapter, the AIS was very much plug n’ play.

One of the reasons I have avoided Raymarine in general is their attempts to close off their system as much as they can. The whole point of a NMEA2k system is so different manufacturer’s equipment can play well together.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Eleuthera, Bahamas

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