Re: Anchor winch and chain, boom outhaul gearbox and grounding strap

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Anne & John:

Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one who had a hard time getting the outhaul drive shaft
out. I used a two pound sledge for several hours with no success. I too found no corrosion
holding things together, just encrusted grease and grit. It is good to hear that the fit is
relatively light once it is cleaned up. I think I will add removal of this shaft and lubrication of
the Anderson Winch bearings to my annual service.

I did some research to try and find a puller, similar to the one the machine shop used to such
great effect, that I could purchase for future application to this job. It seems that this type of
puller is called a straight jaw puller. It worked extremely well and avoided all the hammering
with attendant worries of metal fatigue in the aluminum boom and mounting bracket.
However, they are hard to find. There are several on Amazon. If I get one I will post about
how it works.


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