Re: Steaming/Deck light Replacement

SV Perigee


Apols for the delay - been off-forum.

I replaced the original Steaming/Downlight combo with the AquaSignal Series 41 light purchased from Budget Marine, here in Cole Bay, St Maarten.  They did not have a 24V version, so I bought the 12V version, and successfully re-used the old globes - a 25W incandescent globe (OEM p/n 90003) for the Steaming light, and a LED 50W generic equivalent for the downlight (sourced in Martinique last year).

The mounting holes on the new unit made for a direct replacement of the old; but needed to be drilled for the size of the rivets to be used - which were the same as original.

The reason for the replacement was that the old unit had gotten brittle with age, and the tangs holding the down-light into place had broken away, resulting in the bulb for that falling off and going overboard at sea.  The new LED bulb was held in with cable-ties in the interim.  Rather than go for replacement of individual parts, I bit the bullet and went the whole hog.  The cost duty-free here in SXM, and with Budget marine cruiser's discount, was less than USD250-.

BTW, I decided to hold to an incandescent for the steaming light, on the assumption that power will not be an issue when using the engine; using the  25Wincandescents left-over from the change to LEDs of the Series 40 deck-nav lights and mast-head combo tricolour/anchor light.

Hope this is useful.

All the best,

Perigee, SM#396
St Maarten

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