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I don't know if we could win any awards... 

but for hoisting the dinghy to deck to store for passage, we use the mizzen balloonor halyard.  The dinghy is then deflated, folded, and put in its bag on the aftdeck.  If we are undertaking a longer passage, we'll drop it in the aft deck locker.  We have a standard commercial sling for the dinghy, and for lifting our 2-stoke 15HP outboard as well.

If lifting it out of the water for security at anchor we use the main mast balloonor halyard, just because it is more out of the way.

But our dinghy is not among the heaviest you'll find: complete with engine about 100kg

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Governors Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas

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Thank you Craig, Olivier and Ian
I was used to run the starboard mizzen halyard in the starboard open pulley and I was questioning about the reason for the second ! 
Using this system will offer more stability and length to the halyard ;-)

While we're at this, is there some smartness at lifting up the dinghy ? I've of course a "spider" sling attached to the dinghy's floor but I was always hesitant to use the balooner halyard because it's a lot of effort applied to the top mast pulley (and it's also used to climb it) but I've seen many SM with very heavy dinghy and engine hung on starboard side for night… 

Thanks again to the winners

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