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Barry Connor

Yes, Marina di Ragusa is very good wintering place, about 400 yachts with everyone creating a community with activities with Tues and Fri happy hours at the local bar. M dock is not a problem. Don't go on the wall as you get sprayed a lot.

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Hi Barry and Penny

I have seen you are in Marina di Ragusa (MdR). I just had contact with the marina to request bearthing for next Winter. 

I got a quote for €2500  VAT incl. from 01/10/18 to 30/04/19. 

Can you give me some comments hints/recommendations about the Marina.
Would you go there again and did you feel it’s a save place. They only gave me Pontoon M as possible place, which I feel it is a bit out (close to sea).

BTW. Did you made some Electronic Work or new Antifouling in MdR? Are there good possibilities for boat work close by?

Best regards

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Hi Ruedi,

I have just completed the update from the originally fitted Furuno NMEA-0183 to NMEA-2000.
I did this in 2 stages. 
I stayed with mostly Furuno as I discovered that trying to mix created problems that bits were not talking to each other.
The AIS was supplied from Digital Yacht on recommendation from Furuno with the 12” Furuno EZ Touch display at the helm. The original depth and wind was converted from 0183 to 2000 by using an Actisense converter as the Furuno converter would not talk to the B&G Hydra. 2 new Furuno displays in place of the B&G displays on the dash panel.
I stayed was using the old Furuno Chart Plotter display for radar only.
I just completed the change over to the new Furuno digital radar and new depth and wind for NMEA 2000.
I now have complete digital and full NMEA-2000.
I took out all of the originally fitted B&G and Furuno and sold it to the owner of an ex charter boat, who did not want to over capitalize his boat investment. He took all of the wiring and cabling. I sold the Actisense converter on Ebay for £45.
I had a little bit of trial and error, Furuno and their seller (Cactus) were very helpful with advise on connecting and exchanging bits. B&G also helped with phone advise during the change over. 
What I found out was that you must be carful when mixing manufacturers bits.
I did all the change over myself with phone help from tech people at Furuno, B&G, Digital Yacht and Cactus.
I also installed a Digital Yacht PC with TV monitor at the chart table connected to the EZ Touch via HDMI cable.
I never felt that I was a bother to any of these suppliers even though I was phoning them a lot.
I did speak to Raymarine before I started this project but decided to stay with Furuno and who they recommended. Raymarine did not instill confidence in me to go with them, Furuno did.
Hope this is of some help and good luck with you upgrade..
I am very happy with my new system.

Best Regards

Barry and Penny
“Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54. #17
Soon to depart:’
 Marina di Ragusa.  Sicily

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Hello everyone in the Group

I have a Furuno AIS Receiver (passive) and I'd like to upgrade to a Transceiver (active). Now since I plan to go to Raymarine Electronics sometimes in the Future (Radar/Chartplotter etc.), I asked Reymarine for such a new active AIS box (I would have one part Raymarine already by then).


Now the Raymarine engineer came on board and said that the Raymarine AIS will not be compatible with my Furuno Chart plotter even if both are talking NMEA2000. I was surprised about this comment and I'm confused now weather this guy will only sell other new Raymarine components or is it real!?

When I insisted he said; YES that Raymarine AIS also talks NMEA2000 but still then it will not work correctly. His English was not perfect like mine, but I understood that this is Reymarine politics (they just don't want to have this configuration running). I have Furuno NAVnet vx2 on my AMEL-54 (2007).

Who else in the group experienced the same or does know if this is correct or wrong statement from Reymarine. If this is product politics I'm rather not going to Reymarine in the future.... ;-) 

Thanks for advice



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